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Make a Chocolate Easter Bunny

Want an easy way to make Easter Eggs?

Try this simple, little preparation recipe for Chocolate Easter Bunnies!

Check out our video below!

Watch recipe video

You need:

  • Templates printed

  • Bowl

  • Cling film or large freezer bags

  • Milk Chocolate

  • White chocolate/sweets for decorating

  • 2 spoons - (tablespoon and teaspoon)


  • Print templates on paper or card and wrap it in cling film or place in freezer bag.

  • Break chocolate into bowl and melt.

  • Using a spoon slowly pour layer of chocolate onto template. Keep adding layers of chocolate slowly until have a layer the size of a thin chocolate bar.

  • When it has set, melt the white chocolate and using a teaspoon use it to design your rabbit.

  • Add sweets to decorate.

  • Leave your rabbit to set.

  • When it has set carefully peel it off the cling film/freezer bag.

  • Enjoy eating your Easter rabbit!


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