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What is July Provision? Finding teachers/SNAs!

What is July Provision/Summer Programme?

The Summer Programme (also known as July Provision) is a scheme provided by the Department of Education and Skills in Ireland. It aims to provide additional educational support for children with special educational needs and those at greatest risk of educational disadvantage and during the summer months. It is free of charge to eligible children. The aim of the scheme is to provide additional support during the summer so that children can continue to learn and develop and to prevent the regression of skills which have been learned throughout the year. The scheme was introduced in 1992 and has been helping to support children and their families since.

Is my child eligible for July Provision?

Schools running in-school programmes will usually offer your child a place if they are eligible. They may also make you aware if you are entitled to the alternative home-based provision. However, places are given based upon priority – children with complex needs in special and mainstream classes will be offered places first, the remaining places will be based upon the availability and the needs of the child (Citizen’s Information).

“The Summer Programme 2023 includes:

  • School-based summer programme for children with special educational needs and children who are at risk of educational disadvantage. It includes children in special classes, special schools and mainstream schools.

  • Home-based provision for children with complex needs (where a school-based programme is not available.)

  • Summer camps in DEIS schools focussing on numeracy and literacy."

When the priority places have gone, the remaining places may be offered to:

  • "Children identified by the school as being most at risk of educational disadvantage and early school leaving.

  • Children accessing Special Education Teacher (SET) or Special Needs Assistant (SNA) support.

  • Children from Traveller and Roma communities.

  • Children who have recently arrived from Ukraine and other countries who need support with English language or integration, (Citizens Information)”

If you are unsure if your child is eligible or not it is best to consult your child’s school.

What is home-based July Provision/Summer Programme?

Home-based provision involves a qualified teacher/SNA visiting your child's home and providing educational support and tuition for up to 40 hours during the summer. Often, if there is more than one eligible child in the family the hours will be shared. It is usually up to the families to find an appropriate teacher/SNA. The teacher/SNA will discuss the child’s individual educational needs and goals with the family and support the child during the summer based upon these. When choosing a teacher/SNA it is important to check that they have experience with your child’s needs. It is also a good idea to get any relevant documents/support plans from the child’s school as this will help the teacher/SNA to provide the best support for your child. It is up to the families/teachers/SNAs to keep note of the hours completed and submit the necessary paperwork. The home-based provision is only available if your child’s school is unable to provide school-based provision.

How do I find a teacher/SNA for home-based July Provision?

Finding a teacher/SNA for July Provision can be difficult as many teachers/SNA’s will travel over the summer. It is best to start looking for teachers early and try to find ones living in your local area as teachers/SNAs who get an offer closer to home may opt for that instead after making an arrangement with your family.

There are many ways to find a teacher/SNA:

· Facebook groups for July Provision is often the most effective way of finding a teacher/SNA.

· – provides advice and connects families and teachers.

· – has list of available tutors.

· Your child's school may be able to recommend a qualified teacher. If your child has complex needs, they may also be able to recommend a teacher experienced in this area.

· Local online tutoring services - there are many online tutoring services which help teachers/SNAs to connect with families and that offer one-on-one tuition for children with special educational needs.

· Word of mouth – friends, other parents in your child’s school or local community groups such as parent support groups or disability advocacy organizations may be able to recommend a teacher/SNA with who they have personal experience.

Is there transport?

If your child usually avails of transport to school, they may also be entitled to transport for the summer programme, of you may also be entitled to a grant. It is best to check this with your child’s school.



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