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Does your child repeat phrases? Is your child not making progress in traditional speech therapy?


They may be a Gestalt Language Processor - and need a  

different approach to learning!

Our program is here to help!

Ready-to-go for use at home, school and in therapy. 

Provides support from Stage 1 onwards.

 Is my child a

Gestalt Language Processor?

While many autistic children are thought to be primarily Gestalt Language Processors, this does not mean that other children are not, children may also process language in more than one way.  


Wondering if your child may be a Gestalt Language Processor?

Check out some of the signs below:

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Traditional speech

therapy isn't


Echolalia (repeating


Difficulty answering


Intonation rich speech

Speaking in

3rd person


rhythmically but may

not speak

Repeats phrases from

TV and movies

Uses language out

of context


 How our program helps

Callum has a lot to say, but it rarely makes sense. He loves repeating phrases that he has heard on his favorite TV shows, Callum often becomes upset because people don't understand him and he can't explain his needs. He has been going to speech therapy for a long time, but he is making little progress. It's possible that Callum is a Gestalt Language Processor, this means that he processes and learns language differently - the traditional therapy methods are unlikely to benefit him much.

What if...

  • There was an approach to learning language that worked for Callum.

  • Callum could learn using the Gestalt processing style. 

  • Callum could learn crucial vocabulary for communication.


Boy Playing Outside

Image is unrelated to story

Our program is designed from techniques used in speech therapy to provide support for Gestalt Language Processors

 like Callum. 

 How it works

3-month program with a focus phrase and relevant vocabulary

for each month.

Activities for each week to help children to naturally

acquire language.

Ready-to-go for your home, school or speech therapy center.

No training or expertise needed.

It's a ...

Animal vocabulary

I'm hurt ...

Body Parts vocabulary

Let's go ........

Locations vocabulary

Key Phrases


 What's included?

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Online Games

Neurodiversity -Affirming


Videos for


Language Development Jigsaws


Printable visual

communication supports

Bonus Content

14 day money back




"Very useful course to help children express if they are hurt. I feel our son has a better understanding of the phrases I'm hurt or hurt since starting. Visual aids were very helpful with his understanding."

Parent, Gestalt Language Program - I'm Hurt

About the creators

Aoife and Aisling, are a Speech and Language Therapist and Special Education Teacher based in Ireland. Together, they combine their expertise to create neurodiversity-affirming programs using  techniques from their work with children.

Learn more...

Communication Passport

 Bonus Content

Communication Passport

For helping to communicate  your child's needs

Money & Time SAVER

Waiting lists

for services in Ireland can be

over 12 months long!

1  Private Speech Therapy session

= approx. €80

We provide

3 months

of support


for just €98

    Save €862  

 compared to 3 months of weekly private therapy sessions!

  • Who is the program for?
    The program was designed for anyone who is looking to better support a child they are caring for or working with.
  • Do I need training to support a child with the program?
    No, the program is designed to be ready-to-go and used by anybody; no prior training or experience is needed.
  • Can the program be used in group settings such as classrooms and group therapy sessions?
    Yes, the programs are designed for both 1:1 use and for use in group settings.
  • How long will I have access for?
    You will have access to the program for a year.
  • What is the guarantee? Can I get a refund?
    All of our programs come with a 14 day guarantee, within this timeframe you can request a full refund by contacting us through our school contact form. Please note that if more than 25% of the program content was consumed, no refund will be issued.
  • Do you provide traditional speech therapy?
    No, we provide online programs, resources and advice designed from techniques used in clinical practice and education settings. It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to seek consultations/recommendations from professionals, follow their advice, and seek traditional speech and language therapy if needed.


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