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Our Mission

To help every child access  immediate support for speech, language and social emotional learning.

Celebrating Neurodiversity

All our supports are designed to be neurodiversity-affirming and neuro-inclusive. 

Our Story


Aoife graduated as a

primary school teacher

from St Mary's University,

Twickenham, London.

Aisling graduated as a speech and language therapist from National University of Ireland, Galway.


Aoife is registered with the

Irish Teaching Council.

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Aoife taught as a mainstream class teacher. autism class teacher and resource teacher for children with additional needs or who needed extra support. Held an acting Assistant Principal II post.

Aoife gained international teaching experience, working with children in Ireland, London, California and Greece. 

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Speaking Practice

Aisling worked across Ireland as a Speech and Language Therapist in both community health care setting (both primary care and disability services) in acute hospital settings with adults and also in a private practice providing therapy to children and adults.

Aisling spent time in the USA, providing support to children with additional needs. 

​They noticed that many children were unable to access the speech therapy and social emotional learning support they needed to reach their full potential. They wanted to use their expertise to help! 

In 2021, they founded Building Blocks Child Development

- a platform providing online support for children.

In 2022, they were awarded a grant and training with

Social Entrepreneurs Ireland's Idea Academy.

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Since over 1,800 of their products have been downloaded.

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They gained over 3,300+ followers.

And launched their online programs!

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