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Building Blocks Online Speech Therapy & Social Emotional Learning


A fraction of the cost of in-person therapy!


Don't wait! Our programs support your child now!

In therapy?

Give your child that
extra boost!

Help your child
manage anger!

Includes support for autistic
meltdowns & sensory sensitivities

Help your child navigate their social world!

A confidence-building program for 8-14 year olds!

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Bundle our
programs & SAVE!

FREE eBook

Easy-to-understand story explaining stimming to children.

Children who stim can sometimes

feel self-conscious, which may negatively impact their self-esteem.


Their peers may be confused by their stimming and lack the understanding to respond supportively.


A 'Story about Stimming'  helps both neurodivergent & neurotypical children to understand stimming, promoting neurodiversity and building confidence.

“Great for helping my clients to support their children in a fun, neurodiversity-affirming way!”

J. Ní Albinigh – Speech Therapist

Neurodiversity-Affirming Social Learning Program

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