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Empowering parents and professionals
to provide Speech Therapy!
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We are honored to have been awarded a place on Social Entrepreneurs Ireland's Ideas Academy!
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Our Story


Marie and Aisling, a Speech Therapist and Special Education Teacher, realized that due to the difficulties accessing Speech Therapy, many children were not receiving the support they needed. They decided to help by creating Building Blocks - a new, online approach to providing accessible speech therapy!

Our Mission


Building Blocks aims to provide parents and teachers with the resources and information they need to support children’s speech, language, emotional and social development in their homes and schools. While also providing resources which are suitable for professionals to use during speech therapy sessions.

Celebrating Neurodiversity is central to Building Block’s mission, all our supports are designed to be neuro-affirming and neuro-inclusive. We focus on building children’s confidence and helping them develop the skills needed to use their talents to their full potential

Next Steps!


We are currently in the process of piloting our Online Speech Therapy courses and further developing our library of resources and supports. We are really looking forward to launching more of our supports and getting the help to those who need it! 


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3-week FREE trial course! Designed for Autistic children and Gestalt Language Processors to help them communicate when and where they are hurt or feeling unwell.

Participants will receive FREE access to the course which includes online games, a story, printable activities, visuals, and advice. They will also receive our 33 Social Story Bundle on completion.


We loved hosting our first workshop with the Shamrock Squad1


Shamrock Squad is a community of additional needs families on a mission to make the outdoors accessible for all! Sometimes it’s just a nature trail, but other times the squad ventures on hikes. They host open walks with different support representatives joining them on the day.


On their blog you will find maps, their experience, a sensory overload chart and difficulty badges as well as nature treasure hunt printouts. Video guides of the specific locations, dangers and detailed path is available on their YouTube channel.


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