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What is Info-Dumping? (Neurodiversity)

Everyone communicates in different ways. Some people may feel more comfortable using one communication style, while others may prefer a different. Often, neurotypical and neurodivergent people have different communication preferences.

Info-dumping and direct communication styles are valid autistic communication styles which some autistic people like to use. In contrast, neurotypical people may prefer chatting and being more indirect. It is important to teach children and teenagers about both neurodivergent and neurotypical communication styles.

Info-dumping is when someone shares their passion about a topic with another as a means of connecting with them. For the person who is excited about the topic, sharing the information that they have learned can be exhilarating. Unfortunately, if the other person in the conversation is uninterested in the topic, or in learning about it in as much detail as the person info-dumping is providing, it can cause social tension as the person info-dumping may be wrongly interpreted as rude or inconsiderate.

People should not feel pressured to change their communication style. However, it is important that everyone understands and is able to identify the different communication styles so that they can compromise during social interactions and communicate effectively with everyone that they meet. This is an important skill for everyone to develop in order to positively connect with others and develop friendships and relationships.

Our info-dumping neurodiversity-affirming social learning eBook/social story explains info-dumping and small talk to children and teenagers in an accessible way and helps them understand all communication styles and use them to interact with others and build friendships.



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