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Valentine's Day Panda Card!

Easy to make Valentine's Day Panda card! Step-by-step template with written and video instructions.


  • printed sheets

  • red paper/card.

  • colors.

  • scissors.

  • glue


1. Color in panda's head, feet, arms and body.

2. Cut them out.

3. Get piece of red paper/card and fold into 8 equal pieces. Then cut into quarters.

4. Take one quarter and fold it over like a card. Then draw a heart. Make sure the top of the heart is on the fold of the card.

5. Keeping the card folded, cut out the heart so that the two hearts remain connected at the top.

6. Glue the heart in the middle of the panda's body.

7. Stick on head, arms and legs.

Tip: Make sure the panda's arms are glued at both the top and bottom and are stuck onto both his body and the heart.

8. Write your message inside the heart.

9. You have made a Valentine's Day Panda Card!


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