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Building Friendships - Understanding Personal Qualities

Imagine that you didn't understand the meaning of the word 'kind'? How would you know what others meant when they said someone was kind? How would you be able to know who is showing kindness?

For lots of children and teenagers understanding the language used to describe personal qualities can be confusing. They can also find it difficult to identify these qualities in themselves and others.

Developing an understanding of personal qualities is vital for children and teenagers, it is needed for both growing their sense of self, developing self-image and building positive relationships and friendships with others. Our 'Being a Good Friend' resource helps children/teenagers understand the language of personal qualities, they can apply it and use it to understand themselves and those around them better. This resource helps them to consider what kind of qualities they would like in their friends and who they would like to be friends with. They will also have the opportunity to consider what kind of qualities they may need to have themselves in order to be a good friend.


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