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Make an Easter Chicken!

Looking for some arts and crafts for Easter? Try making this cute Easter Chicken using our step-by-step video instructions and template!


Watch our video instructions here!

You need:

  • Templates (either print on colored card or white and color it in).

  • Scissors

  • Glue

  • Yellow crepe paper

  • Ribbon or straw

  • Toilet paper


  • Print shapes on card and cut out.

  • Cut along lines into the circle and then fold it into a cup and glue together. This makes the egg.

  • Roll toilet paper into two balls, one bigger and one smaller.

  • Lay balls of toilet paper on crepe paper in shape of chicken and wrap and glue.

  • Stick on eyes and nose.

  • Tie ribbon/string around neck.

  • Put glue into egg and stick in the chicken.

Have a Happy Easter!


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