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Fun ideas for Halloween!

Halloween is a great time for getting artsy and letting children's imagination run wild! Here are some fun ideas below:

Build a Haunted Tunnel

This one is easier than it sounds - all you need is to put a couple of tables in a line and cover them with black plastic bags! Make sure you secure the plastic bags with tape both to the top of the table and the floor. This will create a dark and creepy tunnel for children to crawl through. Try to find some black blankets or dark colored yoga mats for the floor. Then let the kids go wild decorating! They'll love designing scary surprises for the people going through the tunnel!

See video of our tunnel here!

Ideas for inside the tunnel include:

  • Hanging things from the roof. E.g. Paper bats they have made or cobwebs.

  • Putting light up Halloween objects in the tunnel.

  • Cut a hole in the plastic so that someone can sit outside the tunnel and put their hand through to scare the person crawling by.

  • Build unexpected twists and turns into your tunnel.

  • Have a person in costume ready to jump out and give them a fright when they get to the end.

As there are plastic bags involved, for safety reasons make sure an adult supervises this activity at all times. Some children find things more scary than others so make sure you ask each child before they enter the tunnel if they want to be scared or not. A secret code word for them to say if it gets too scary is also a good idea!

Mummy Fashion Show

Split the children into groups and designate one of them to be the mummy. Each group gets one roll of toilet paper. The rest of the children are the designers; they have to use the toilet roll to design a mummy outfit and dress the mummy up in it. Once all of the costumes are ready you can have a fashion show where each group presents their mummy. Make sure to have a joint cleaning up effort afterwards as the toilet paper means that this fun activity can get quite messy!

Fortune Telling Tent/Table

Set up your own fortune telling table or tent and watch the kids delight in having their fortune told. A round light or light under a glass bowl can work well as a crystal ball. Get the children to make tarot cards and then allow them to take turns telling each other's fortunes. Make sure to emphasize that they are only allowed to tell good fortunes and that the tarot cards can only predict positive things - otherwise people may be easily upset!

Creepy Lucky Dip

The children close their eyes and stick their hand in a box to find a spooky surprise. First, get some empty boxes and decorate them to make them look spooky. Next, it's time to get creative and think of scary surprises to put inside!


  • Peeled grapes - feels like eyeballs.

  • Rice - feels like bugs.

  • Jelly - feels like a brain.

  • Shaving foam.

  • Slime.

  • Something furry - feels like a rat.

Once you have chosen your surprises put them in the boxes. Cover the boxes with towels so that the children can't see what is hidden - get them to close their eyes, put their hand in and guess what's inside!


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