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Carve a Haunted House Pumpkin!

Tried of making the same type of traditional pumpkin every year? This is a great challenge for older kids!

Note: Needs adult supervision at all times.

You need:

  • Pumpkin, spoon, knife, bowl, template


  • Carefully cut a circle in the top of the pumpkin.

  • Twist the lid and open the pumpkin.

  • Using a spoon, scoop out the insides. Put it in a bowl.

  • Draw on the template or stick it to the pumpkin. (Make sure you will be able to remove it after you finish carving the pumpkin.

  • Following the template, cut out the pieces, pop them out and put them in the bowl. When you are finished put in the candle.

  • Find a good window or doorstep for your pumpkin!


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