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Does your child need support navigating their social world?

Want an alternative to teaching social skills which boosts their

confidence and builds pride in their neurodiversity?

 Support your child with our 8-week program!

Ready-to-go for use at home, school and in therapy.

For children aged 8-14, or similar learning stage.

Why neurodiversity-affirming
learning is important

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Considering different

communication styles



Reducing stress

& anxiety





Discouraging masking

Focusing on learning

using their strengths




Neurodivergent people think differently from the majority; they might be autistic, have ADHD, dyslexia, Down syndrome, or other differences. Neurodiversity celebrates all the variations in the human brain. 


Social skills training often pressures neurodivergent children into behaving like the majority and is now thought to cause problems such as low self-esteem, anxiety, and masking.

Our program offers an alternative to teaching social skills by...

An example:

Like many autistic children, Gemma is being taught social skills. There are lots of rules; things she is supposed to do and not supposed to do. In social situations, she tries very hard to remember all the rules. It is very stressful, she is worried that she might make a mistake and others will think she is weird. She feels like an actor, constantly pretending to be someone else. Her parents are worried, she seems very anxious and uncomfortable being herself lately.

What if Gemma could learn:

  • to be proud of her neurodiversity and who she is.

  • different ways to effectively and comfortably communicate.

  • how to balance her needs and the needs of others in social settings.

  • develop friendships while being herself.


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She wouldn't need to act or follow rules anymore. She could be proud of herself and her stress, anxiety and low-confidence would vanish.

Image is unrelated to story

Our program is designed to help children like Gemma, by

providing  an alternative to learning social skills by using

techniques used in therapy and education.

What's included?




Neurodiversity -Affirming





 Uses visual


8 - week


Bonus Content

14 day refund


Social Stories

What's covered?

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Understanding Neurodiversity

Cultivating a positive autistic/neurodiverse identity








How to effectively communicate with both neurodivergent and neurotypical people

Different communication styles

Understanding of perspective taking

Developing an understanding of personal qualities and how these affect friendships and relationships.

The Double Empathy Problem

Practicing problem solving

About the instructors

Marie and Aisling, are a Speech Therapist and Special Education Teacher based in Ireland. Together, they combine their expertise to create neurodiversity-affirming programs using  techniques from their work with children.

“Great for helping my clients to support their children in a fun, neurodiversity-affirming way!”

J. Ní Albinigh – Speech Therapist

Neurodiversity-Affirming Social Learning Program

Personal Space eBook Neurodiversity

Bonus Content

Personal Space Printable






  €98  ->  €49

14-day money back guarantee!

Waiting lists

for services in Ireland can be

over 12 months long!

1  Private Speech Therapy session = approx. €80

We provide

2 months

of support


for just €98

That's a saving of €542 

 compared to 2 months of weekly private therapy sessions!

  • Who is the program for?
    The program was designed for anyone who is looking to better support a child they are caring for or working with.
  • Do I need training to support a child with the program?
    No, the program is designed to be ready-to-go and used by anybody; no prior training or experience is needed.
  • Can the program be used in group settings such as classrooms and group therapy sessions?
    Yes, the programs are designed for both 1:1 use and for use in group settings.
  • How long will I have access for?
    You will have access to the program for a year.
  • What is the guarantee? Can I get a refund?
    All of our programs come with a 14 day guarantee, within this timeframe you can request a full refund by contacting us through our school contact form. Please note that if more than 25% of the program content was consumed, no refund will be issued.
  • Do you provide traditional speech therapy?
    No, we provide online programs, resources and advice designed from techniques used in clinical practice and education settings. It is the responsibility of the parent/ guardian to seek consultations/recommendations from professionals, follow their advice, and seek traditional speech and language therapy if needed.


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